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A little over two years ago, at the time of writing this, I discovered a remix site called ccmixter. I had been a professional musician from the late 1960’s until I retired in 2005.

As I had not played a note for over four years I was looking to try something different from the never ending circles of gigs and travelling. Although I had done some recording in the past it had always been on analogue equipment mainly to tape and then later on to stand alone hard disk recorders.

Before April 2009 I had never tried to record anything on a PC before, but as I had been archiving a lot of old recordings I had a fairly decent sound card so I decided to give it ago.

Some of the early attempts were quite dire and I removed them fairly quickly but by sticking to what I knew, playing in live bands I slowly got the hang of it and now two years later sometimes I feel as if I almost know what I’m doing.

On April 12th 2011 just under two years after my first attempt I completed my two hundredth remix.

The remix page has a few random remixes from the last six years.

The gallery has some photos of the instruments and equipment used.

The plugins page has links to fome of the free plugins I have used.

All the tracks are licensed under various creative commons licences and can be downloaded from here.